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As an industry leader in print solutions for education, OKI gives you the ability to bring learning to life with color while being able to control the costs of printing.

Studies have shown that color increases student learning by as much as 78%, while also increasing students’ willingness to read and participate by up to 80%.* That’s the impact OKI can deliver by providing printing products with capabilities to print 52″ long banners in stunning digital color and giving you the tools to actively manage and control printing activity in your school. OKI offers Education-specific products and solutions, including a full line of end-to-end printing technologies ranging from Color and Mono MFP and single function printers to dot matrix, label and POS printers – all backed by 24/7/365 world-class customer support. With OKI, you can:

  • Control your print costs with Color Access Policy Manager or PaperCut
  • Create a vibrant learning experience with a School Communications Pack
  • Optimize your printer fleet with Total Managed Print™
  • Get instant test results for your classroom with the School Docu Tool and the Remark Test Grading solutions.

With a passion for Education, OKI goes beyond innovative products and solutions, offering personalized service, unmatched customer support and a higher degree of customization, making us a true printing solutions partner. It’s the reason you can expect more from OKI and why you will feel like a customer again.

Mobile Printing

More schools than ever are allowing students to use their own laptops, tablets, and cell phones in the classroom. Administrators hope that these bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives will help cut costs and increase student engagement. But BYOD brings with it a host of security concerns, as well as questions relating to mobile device printing. OKI’s MotionPrint explains how easy it is to implement mobile printing capabilities within your home or office network.

Colour in the Classroom

As an industry leader in printing solutions for education, OKI gives you the ability to bring learning to life with color printing while being able to control printing costs. When it comes to printers for schools, independent research has shown that color in the classroom increases student learning by as much as 78%, while also increasing students’ willingness to read and participate by up to 80%*.

We realize the delicate balance of providing an excellent education within limited budgets, which is why our color LED printers were designed with printing for schools in mind – they yield thousands of pages at a fraction of the cost of inkjet printers. In fact, OKI has performed hundreds of print fleet assessments identifying an average potential print savings of 25% in the education segment alone. What’s more, our color LED printers are faster, quieter and more reliable than inkjets.

Control Printing Costs

With budgets always a concern, unlimited access to color printers in schools can be a problem. K-12 schools struggle with how to control printing in color and how to restrict printing. OKI has the ability to let schools monitor and control printing using color with select color printers and MFPs (multi-function products) by defining who can print in color and what gets printed.

Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM) makes printing in color cost effective for your school. It allows administrators, teachers and/or computer lab technicians to control printer usage by determining who and what can print in color, in black & white or not at all. CAPM lets you assign access levels by user name, PC/server name, application, file name and web sites. Once your policy is configured in the color printer, CAPM determines how – or if – incoming jobs will print. All policies are password protected for added security, which allows you to change policies in real time for special projects and classroom assignments.

In addition, CAPM gives you the ability to acquire job logs from your OKI color printers, enabling printer monitoring, so you can analyze how the devices are being used – everything from user name to application to the number of color or black & white pages printed. It’s data you can use to develop new policies or judge the effectiveness of your existing policies.

With Color Access Policy Manager, offering color printers for schools and, therefore, color in the classroom is now a reality. Get the impact of HD Color on your print output – not your print budget. View a video of an OKI Senior Marketing Manager discussing OKI’s Color Access Policy Manager (CAPM).

With Ringdale FollowMe and PaperCut printing solutions, schools can monitor the number of prints, control color usage, and supervise single and double-sided printing.

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