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Environmental Policy

OKI Printing Solutions, a market leader in the global business printer market, manufactures a range of exceptionally fast and high-performance machines. Meeting the ever-changing needs of businesses requires innovative technology and at OKI Printing Solutions this also goes hand-in-hand with environmental awareness.

The company approaches its environmental policy in three ways:

  1. By creating eco-friendly products
  2. By contributing to environmental conservation in business activities
  3. By contributing to activities within the local community

Giving the Future

The “Giving the Future” identity forms part of Printacoms Corporate Social Investment responsibility. The goal of “Giving the Future” will address various categories such as; Nature, Education, Business and Animals.

As a paper consumer through our printer sales Printacom has launched the “Giving the Future Trees” initiative to help reduce our carbon footprint and give back to the environment and our community.

This is a key element of our business here at Printacom and as consumers we need to make sure we give back as much as we take from our natural resources to ensure the future of our planet.

Consumables Recycling

Printacom is currently investigating an initiative to recycle all printer consumables in a safe and environmentally friendly way; while repurposing some of the materials into handmade items.